Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hand Print Turkey

I love this craft, we make it craft every year. This is one of the cutest hand print crafts.

We used: Red, yellow, orange, and brown paint, white paper, paint brush, glue, and wiggly eyes.

Paint the fingers different colors and the thumb and palm brown.
A red fingerprint as the gobbler. Glue on the eye and draw on the legs.

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Jamie said...

That is very cute!

Tiffany said...

This is such a classic! It is on my list of Thanksgiving crafts!

Miller Moments said...

We do this every year too. Very cute!

Jamie said...

So cute!!! Be careful no hunters come in your house - they will draw a target on that cute little turkey!!! LOL!!!

artsy_momma said...

How funny! We just made this same turkey earlier today! It's so cute and easy :) I made it last year for our handprint calendar and also made a similar one for a Thanksgiving card. Instead of painting each finger a different color, I painted stripes going across the fingers.