Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Pancakes

These are my favorite Christmas recipes.

Every Christmas Eve morning we have these Santa Pancakes. They are cute and yummy. This is one of my kids favorite traditions.

We also make snowman pancakes. We all love whipped cream.

These are good too. French toast Christmas tree.

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The Fifth Street Mama said...

I totally love those! How cute and fun! What a special memory these will be when your kiddos are all grown up:)

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness these are so cute!!

Adriana said...

My husband is the pancake maker of the family. I just showed these to him and he wants to try it. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

These are so creative! MMM, im a huge whipped cream fan too.

Jen said...

Oh, I love them! My girls would be so surprised to get these for their Christmas breakfast.

Creative and Curious Kids!

Jaina said...

These are great! And you win major cool points for letting your kids use awesome amounts of whipped cream and candies :)

The Crafty Children's Librarian said...

I love the french toast Christmas Tree. I am going to make that a family tradition with my daughter. She was born in July of this year and this is her first Christmas. So, dad will test them out this year and they will be fun treat for her next year. Thanks for the idea.