Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sparkling Leaves

Here is a fun and easy leaf crafts for the fall. I love it, it is easy for little one and it uses glitter. Everyone loves glitter.
We used: wax paper, glue, paint brush, leaf and glitter.
Paint the glue on the some wax paper. Place the leave on top.
Paint more glue onto the leave and on the side next to the leaf on the wax paper.
Sprinkle glitter. Fold wax paper over top the leave. Press flat.

Allow time for glue to dry and cut around the outside edges of leaf.

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Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

That is lovely, we'll be trying that tomorrow! karen
Sippy Cup Central Mom

whimsy*couture*sewing*tutorials said...

Hi there, are you still offering your craft linky? If yes, when?
Thank you!:)