Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post #4- Jesse Tree

Since the Jesse Tree is an activity that lasts for 24 days in Dec. , this post covers Dec 16- Dec 20.

Here is Post 1 with introduction, Post 2 and Post 3.

Dec 16: John the Baptist: Mark 1: 1-18
Symbols: shell with water, river

Dec 17: Jesus is Wisdom: Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus) 24:2; Wisdom 8:1
Symbols: oil horn, oil lamp, open book.
Dec18: Jesus is Lord: Ex 3:2, 20:1
Symbols; burning bush, stone tablets.

Dec 19:Jesus is Flower of Jesse: Isiah 11:1-3
Symbols: flower, plant with flower.
Dec 20: Jesus is Key of David: Isiah 22:22
Symbols: key, broken chain.

One more post of ornaments then the tree.

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