Sunday, November 27, 2011

One of My Family's Favorite Christmas Traditions

My family has done this tradition for many years (I think I post it every year as well). It is always one of my kids' favorites and they always ask when we are going to wrap the books.

I have about 25 Christmas and winter books. We wrap each one and place it under our craft Christmas tree ( that is our tree that we hang only kid-made ornaments, do not worry our other tree also has plenty of kid-made ornaments too).

Each night we pull one of kid's names out of a bowl and they get to unwrap the book and read it. They love pulling the names and unwrapping the book. And this year the older kids have said they wanted to read the books (well at least Caity did, but I am going to make the other 2 as well).

The girls wrapped the books this year. It is also a good way to teach the kids to wrap.

Don't you love the soldier cyclopes gingerbread man ?

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Rebecca said...

What a great tradition!! And hahaha- yes i do like the solider cyclops gingerbread man :)

Donovan Doins said...

What a great idea! A good way to alleviate some of the intensity of the holiday.

My This N That Life said...

I love love LOVE this idea! The kids are in bed tonight, but tomorrow I'll be scouring their rooms for Christmas books. We're trying really hard to create memorable traditions for our kids. This is a great one!

Monica said...

What a great tradition! Thanks for sharing.