Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rainbow Fish Craft

If your kids like the stories from Rainbow Fish or they just like fish, these are 2 fun crafts.

For the the first fish project you will need: Paper plate, scissors, glue, glitter,wiggly eyes and stapler(optional).

Cut a triangle out of the plate.

Staple or glue the triangle on for the tail.

Put glue on a plate and have you child make finger prints on the plate with the glue(for the scales).

Sprinkle glitter on the plate. Use more than one glitter to look like Rainbow fish.

Glue on wiggly eye.

For the second fish project you will need: Paper, glue glitter, paint, and brush.

Paint your child foot and make a print. Have your child make glue finger prints on the foot print for the scales.

Sprinkle with glitter.

Glue on eye.

Decorate the picture.

This is Caity's.

This is Cheyanne's:

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