Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Week

Monday night was busy with basketball, Girl Scout's, Wrestling and a trip to the emergency room. Cody broke his arm wrestling the coach, I guess that is what happens when the person you are wrestling weighs 100 lbs more. Cody was a real trooper and did not even cry. And he has not complained at all. Now we just have to pray he does not need surgery.

Our first broken bone:
Chey is loving cheer leading and surprisingly I am enjoying coaching her team. They are a hardworking and sweet group of girls.

Then we went to a Wake Forest Basketball game. The kids loved it.Cody is too cool for pics with the Deacon I guess.
The Deacon kept sitting next to Chey.

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Kristi said...

You are getting a killer amount of spam! :( I was wondering if you husband x-rayed you son... :) We DVM's tend to want to do it all. HA! I hope that thing heals quickly.

jennwa said...

He did not because it was pretty obvious it was broken. But if there had been any question, he would have x-rayed it first before heading to the emergency room.
I have to say, that was actually one of the first questions I asked on the phone when he called to tell me Cody had broken his arm.
I am hating the SPAM !!!!!