Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinosaur Nest

Here is a fun idea I got from one of the preschool teachers at my school. This is a fun project for an individual child or a class or even a birthday party.

There are so many great Dinosaur books this project would go along with.

We used: Easter grass, 2 plastic cups, plastic Easter egg, and grow capsules (from the Dollar Tree)

They also come in farm animals and wild animals.

Put the capsule in the water and watch them grow.

Here is your baby Dinosaur.

We dried him and put him in the egg.

And put the egg in his nest.

Cheyanne loved doing this.


melanie said...

We're going to be doing a dinosaur theme in a couple of weeks and this will be perfect!!

Vickie said...

My kids love those throw in the water animals and watch them grow!

That is such a sweet idea!

~Bobbi~ said...

Boo Hoo they didn't have the dinosaur ones where we live. We're studying Dd next week.

Katie said...

That is a good idea, aren't those water pill things neat. Kids are always amazed by them. Fun tie into a dinosaur theme too.