Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Tradition and Party

One of our favorite Birthday traditions is to decorate the kid's bedroom with balloons and streamers while they are sleeping. My kids always love waking up to a decorated room on their special day.

Happy Birthday Caity !!!!!

This weekend we had a Luau Birthday party sleepover.

We had Caity's favorite ice cream sundae birthday cake. Yummy !!!!
Here is the recipe.

We painted these wood pieces.

There was also a water balloon fight. I filled 100 ballons. And they loved every minute of it.

Had a pinata.

And a lot of great kids in my house.

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Christy said...

How fun! My kids would love to wake up to a room full of balloons; I may have to steal that idea.

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Happy Birthday to her. I am sure one day she will look back and her memory bank will be full with wonderful memories like this one! Looks like a great party. I am a big fan of the decorating while sleeping thing! Love it!

Free At Last said...

I love it! I agree with comment above - great memories in the making.

Sarah said...

Oh what a cool birthday mom you are! I love having birthday parties for my kiddos (well one of them hasn't had a birthday yet). What precious memories!

Miller Moments said...

Love the painted wood idea. Very fun. We had a birthday at our house today too. Although ours was filled with dirt cake and worms. :)

Heather said...

I love the birthday tradition of waking up to balloons & streamers. As a child, my mom would write a message on toilet paper and tape it across the doorway. You had to either limbo under it or break it to cross. I think the first time was a fluke, everyone loved it & a tradition was born!