Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Sew Fleece Pilllow and Blanket or Sleeping Bag

The next few post will be answering one of my reader's questions (I love the way that sounds, it sounds like something Martha Stewart would say).

She writes:

"Hi Jennifer,
In November I will be in charge of a pack meeting for our cub scouts. The request is that we come up with something for about 35-40 boys to make in one evening that they could give away in December to Nursing home residents. I need the gift to be fairly inexpensive and yet I want it to be something nice and semi practical for nursing home residents. I also want it to be something boys would like to make."

My first idea is a No-Sew Fleece Pillow and/or Blanket. These are an easy and inexpensive project. I thought the pillow would be nice and soft to lay on. The blanket would be nice because it seems older people are always cold.

These are easy, can be done in 1 evening. I bet even for a boy scout troop you could get a craft store to donate some fleece and filler for the pillows.

You will need: scissors, stuffing and fleece (the amount of fleece would depend on how big of a pillow you want to make).

Cut 2 pieces of fleece equal size. Cut it about 3 inches bigger than you want the pillow to be.

Lay the fleece pieces on top of each other. Cut strips into both pieces of the fleece at the same time. The slits should be about 3 inches or big enough to tie into a knot.

Go around the pillow and tie knots attaching the top piece of fleece to the bottom.

Leave an opening big enough to stuff the pillow.

Stuff the pillow.

Finishing tying knots.

Next is the fleece blanket. I did not make this today, it is one we had done a while ago.

You will need a large piece of fleece. If you want the knots to be different colors you will need more fleece .

Take your large piece of fleece and lay it out flat. (it should be the size you want the blanket to be.)

Cut strips of fleece about 7 in long and 2 inches wide.

Cut small holes all around the blanket about 3 inches from the edge.

Thread the strips in the hole and tie into knots.

If you want a sleeping bag: Fold the fleece in half, cut the holes through both pieces of fleece together. Then thread the fleece through both holes and tie into a knot.

I will have more projects all this week, hopefully. If you have any ideas please share.

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Amber M. said...

I so seldom work with fleece...after seeing these projects (and how easy they are) I'm going to have to change that!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great idea!

And if you ask are way smarter than Martha Stewart and a million times cuter! :)

Brittany said...

Oh, that's cute! VERY cute!

I agree, with Beth, you're ten times hotter than Martha!lol

Deanna said...

I have never seen the sleeping blanket version. LOVE it!

4funboys said...

my aunt made all my boys blankets like this... they LOVE them... and so do I.
Great idea

Mel said...

My sister made me a blanket a while ago and it's my daughter's favorite to snuggle with. I hope to make a pillow for Christmas. Thanks for reminding me.

Family O'Foxes said...

I've made the pillows before (and blankets). My aunt made the sleeping bags.
Very cute and very fun.

Jaina said...

Oooh, those are neat! I want to make those myself!

raising4boys said...

Love the pillows. I agree, Nursing home patients will LOVE them.