Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Mystery Box

This is an activity my kids just love to do. It is a game they love to make and play.

You will need a box and any decorating items, an old thick sock, scissors and glue.
Cut the top off the box.

Let the kids decorate the box. I gave each child a side to decorate.
Then I cut a hole in the center of the bottom of the box. The hole needs to big enough to reach your hand through, but not much bigger.

Then I cut the toe end off the sock and attached it to cover the hole and to allow a hand to go through.

I gave each kid a bag to collect small items from around the house.

Then place an item in the open end of the box.
On the other end, place your hand through the sock and guess what is in the box.

After the kids are done guessing, they like to tryto stump Mom. I like playing too.

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Deanna said...

We love this game, too! Sooo fun until the kids get some weird bug or old Twinkie they left under the bed. Oooooh, gross!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ We used to play that too! :)

Susanne said...

I've never heard of this game. What a great idea! I'll definitely have to give this a try with the dayhome kids.

MamaGeek said...

I would totall dig that game too! Have I ever told you your house is beautiful?

It IS!

Little Bits of Everything said...

That's a great idea, my kids would love it.

Michie said...

I've left a little present for you over at my blog. :)

raising4boys said...

That looks so FUN!! Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Vhiel said...

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