Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Sew Pool or Sport Cushion

I have a problem, I go to the pool for hours and sit in a chair like this one and after a while my bottom hurts. Oh I know, how I suffer, sitting at the pool all day. Do not feel too bad for me. It is hard work but someone has to do it.

So I found a way to solve my terrible, aching problem in last months issue of Family Fun magazine, the no sew water proof cushion.

You will need:

-Two 24 inch squares cut from a vinyl tablecloth (Wal-mart has some on clearance for $2, they were pretty too),

- 18 in. pillow (you can always pick one up cheap at a garage sale or thrift store, and since it is covered you do not have to feel to bad it was someones else's you did not know),
- Tacky Glue,

- Clothespins

Cut two 24 inch square from the tablecloth.

Place 1 square design side down.

2 inches from the edge, run an inch thick line of glue around 3 side.

Lay the 2nd square on top of the 1st square, design side up.

After glue dries on the 3 side, stuff the pillow in the squares.

Run another line of glue 2 inches in and press seam together.

Secure seams with clothespins while glue dries.

Now my bottom problems are solved, with this nice soft waterproof pillow. Yes Beth, I made one for you too.

These pillows are also good for picnics, sporting events or any outdoor use.

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Family O'Foxes said...

we make these in Girl Scouts but we call them sit-upons! :)

McMommy said...

I am so jealous of how EASY you make it all look!!!!! You've got talent, girl!

MamaGeek said...

Holy crap girl. You are better than McGyver! (which should be your blog tagline).

Very cool

Andrea said...

Oh yes...we all need one of these! :) I'm not a good sew-er though...but I might be able to handle this one!

Deanna said...

No needles? I'm in!!

4funboys said...

very cute idea...

thanks for sharing.

so- do you scrapbook?

Mishelle Lane said...

How easy and cool!! Thanks for the tip.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I was hoping one of these was going to be for me! Those chairs are hard almost makes me dread going to the pool!

My Goodness said...

Great idea! :)

Meshellyn said...

Genius! I plan to make a handful of these, here's why. Originally I had wanted one of those outrageously expensive soft play climb-upons for our playroom. Since I can't afford to spend $250+ I then decided I would buy a bunch of pillows for climbing upon and crazy play. Then I started pricing pillows and that added up quickly too. This is a perfect solution for somebody who doesn't sew often enough. And bright summery tablecloths are on clearance right now! Thanks :)

Mrs. Querido said...

What an awesome idea! They look would never guess there was no sewing involved.

Vickie said...

These are awesome! And the best part is there is no sewing involved. Thanks for the idea! :)

Mel said...

Would have never guessed using table clothes for water proof pads, awesome! Will definately make some of my own, since, I have one of those pointed, sharp, that after about an hour I'm shifting in my seat, tail bones.


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