Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butterflies and Lady Bugs

In my preschool class we are watching the life stages of a butterflies and lady bugs.

You can buy kits, and it is a great and easy way to show the kids how these insects change.

Here are the caterpillars in the chrysalis stage They are in the jar the caterpillars came in.

I leave the net out for the kids to examine with several butterfly books.

Here are the chrysalis pinned to the side of the net.

Here are the lady bugs. They are in the final stages of the larvae stage.

It is so fun to watch them change.

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Shannon said...

Well, I just learned something. I did not know that ladybugs develop from larvae. We are supposed to do the butterflies very soon and now I am thinking that I might just order some ladybug larvae to go with it. Thanks for sharing!

KJ said...

Wow, that is cool....and something I think my son would love.

Amanda said...

This is so fun! I remember my kids coming home and talking about doing this type of thing in school

Jen said...

I remember my daughters raising butterflies in Preschool and really enjoying it. My oldest is in 2nd grade and is excited to be doing it again. Life cycles are so much fun to teach!

kathiezkidz said...

I am looking forward to the ladybug larva to greet our daycare this year. Last year they were everywhere...I mean everywhere, crunching under our feet on, on the walls, yuck. Someone told me they were going to become spiders so I hosed them all away!! I hope they forgive me and come back this year!!