Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Family Dolls

Of all my crafts, these are my families favorite (mine too.)

We have made them for Christmas (HERE) and Thanksgiving (HERE).

So we made them for Halloween this year.

All you need to have is: Coloring pages, pictures of faces, coloring pencils, glue and scissors.

Color the coloring sheet, cut it out and glue on the face. That is all.

If you want the dolls to stand up glue them to poster board or cardboard and cut around the picture.

I have them hanging on my pantry door, I am sure to have a smile on my face whe ever I am in the kitchen.

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artsy_momma said...

I love it! We did this with elf bodies last year. Definitely going to be making these :)

Amy Friendlyshoe said...

I love your blog and ideas. Because you are so cool, you have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. Come on by my blog to pick it up!

Take care!
Amy --

Rose :: said...

these cracked me up. really cool. we did something similar digitally once, but this is really fun!

do come link them up:

so our readers can find this too!

Katherine marie said...

These are so awesome!!!!!

BPOTW said...

What a cute idea!!

Michelle said...

Love the idea! Could you stop by our blog and add links to your craft ideas (ones toddlers can also participate in)? We're having Halloween crafts for Toddlers linky party this week: