Friday, October 24, 2008

Paper Pumpkins and Turkeys

This is an easy craft for older kids (and big kids like me) to do. I started making the pumpkins and thought this would be a great way to make turkeys too. The best thing about this craft is that not very many materials are needed.

Materials needed: Construction paper, scissors, glue and a stapler.

Cut the orange or brown paper into equal sized strips.
I used 4 strips about an inch thick.

Staple in a circle. And keep stapling circles to form a ball.

Decorate the pumpkin with a face, leaf and stem.

Caity glued her's to a piece of paper and decorated a pumpkin patch.

For the turkey form the ball and glue on a head, feathers and wings. I had to glue it to a piece of paper because the feathers made it tip back.

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eetomost said...

again,,,,you rock!!! I will do this with the kids tomorrow night:) I am babysitting 5 of them:) yay:)


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love this!