Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pop Up Ghost

Cheyanne and I made this cute pop up ghost today.

You will need: A plastic cup, plastic grocery bag, string, black marker, scissors, craft stick (tongue depressor or straw) and materials for decorating the cup.

Decorate the cup.

To decorate the cup, we glued on Halloween foam pieces.

I made a ghost with a tongue depressor, plastic grocery bag, string and a black marker.
I think I straw would work the best, it would make a smoother up and down movement.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup and put the bottom of the stick through the hole.

Pop up.

Pull down.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute. I love your blog and read it regularly. You are such a good mom with an energetic spirit. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me to do crafts with my two girls.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I tried to post a comment with my name and it wouldn't let me - kept saying there was a problem and bouncing me back to the verification prompt.

eetomost said...

hey gal, I've added you to my sister's blog list, she's new at this whole thing so I thought I would show her some love and "fix" her blog for her:) her blog is teen,tween,soccer queen and toddler
nice of me, eh?


Professional Mommy said...

That is really cute! I haven't seen that idea before.