Monday, February 16, 2009

Paper Plate Frogs

When I pulled out the supplies for this craft Cheyanne said," Oh goodie, we get to paint."

This is an easy and adorable frog to make.

This would be a good craft to go along with the letter "F", F for frog.

We used: Paper plate, 2 egg carton cups, green paint, brush, scissors, glue and construction paper (red, white and black).

Paint the paper plate and egg carton cups.

Allow time to dry.

Cut out tongues and eyes.

Glue tongue to the inside of the plate.

Fold plate over, with the tongue being in the center.

Glue eyes to egg cartons and glue egg cartons to plate.

Ribbit !!! Ribbit!!!!!

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melanie said...

That frog is soooo cute!! I love it. We'll definitely do that this summer.

Amber M. said...

We love frogs at our house...what a cute idea for boring white paper plates!!

April said...

what a cute idea!

Macy and Lucy said...

Kids do love to paint, don't they??!! Cute frogs...we'll have to try them!

I don't think I have ever posted a comment on your blog, but I have been a faithful reader for some time now! Everytime we talk about doing a craft, my 6 year old says "Let's see what that crazy woman has done lately." :) You have inspired MANY of my crafts!!

Happy crafting!

Park Family said...

So cute. Your blog has so many great ideas.

Anne said...

love the frogs. I just might do it tomorrow with my girls. :)

Jaina said...

Oh those are so adorable!