Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kid Easy Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Ornaments

For these easy ornaments you only need a sheet of foam (or construction paper), pom-poms, glue and a hook( I used a pipe stem cleaners glued to the back).
The top ornament I tried to cut out the branches on the foam but the second one I only cut a triangle. Then we glued on the pom-poms. For the trunk we glued 3 pom-pom together.
We hot glued the pom-poms but craft glue works well too.


Kellan said...

These are really cute ornaments and would make a great classroom craft for the kids' Christmas parties at school. Hope you are having a good Saturday. See you soon. Kellan

Jennifer said...

I love the Rudolph idea...I REALLY love the new picture of your adorable! I love your little one's curls!!

Chickengirl said...

aww! Pom pom Christmas trees...lovely!!

Kellan said...

Hey - Your header is beautiful - your children are beautiful. Happy Holidays. Kellan