Monday, December 31, 2007

Kid Craft-Make Your Own New Year Works

These turn out a lot prettier than the picture shows.
You will black piece of construction paper, glitter and glue.


Family O'Foxes said...

They look so cute! I still want to see how you store all your craft supplies. :)

Happy New Year!

elliebelle said...


I found your site through boomama's christmas tour. I love all your craft ideas. We made your santa pancakes on Christmas Eve and they were such a hit. I would also love to know how you store all your craft supplies, that is a never ending battle at my house. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I've added you as a favorite!

Melissa said...

Do you find that you clean up glitter for the rest of the day when you do these?

jennwa said...

When we do glitter projects, we do them in a box and on a paper plate. The box contains the glitter (most of the time) and the paper plate is great because it folds for easy reuse of glitter.