Saturday, November 24, 2007

Foam Christmas Stockings

I do not know what got into me today. We did so many crafts. It was crazy, but we did have fun.
This morning I put up one of our artificial trees and decided everything we put on it we are going to make. It started with that idea and went from there.

We made these out of foam (but construction paper would work fine). I cut the stockings and the white tops. We used a hole puncher to make the holes. The kids threaded it with yarn. I had to help my 2 year old with the threading but my other 3 did it fine. We glued on the top with craft glue and wrote their names with a marker. The hook is also yarn.

A Stocking For Jesus

It's not great deeds we do in life
That matter very much,
But the love in which we do them
And the joy of those they touch !

So let's hang this stocking for the Lord,
To honor him above!
For Jesus did great deeds for us.
And did them all with love !

Then maybe when we leave this life
As every mortal must.
We'll find the Saviors mantle hung
With stocking just for us.


Beth said...

What a sweet poem!

Pam said...

We used to make these out of paper when I taught kindergarten. We hung them up in the classroom, and while kids were sleeping, I put a few treats inside. I would never say anything, and it was fun to see how long it took the kids to notice that their stockings had been filled. I guess foam would be more durable.