Thursday, November 8, 2007

Poison ?

I do not normally get on a soap box, just because I am not good at making it sound intelligent. But I am really upset at this recall of Aqua Dot. My kids have been bugging me for it since the summer. It was on my definite to get list for my daughter. But now it comes out that it is laced with the date rape drug. How many toys do we have to get from China to realize they are not safe for our children. I do not expect China to care , but it is obvious to me that US toy distributors do not care either. Would it be so hard to test these toys for toxins before our children get their hands and mouths on them.
I do not pretend know the answer on how to get the toy companies to wake up and care about our kids. I do not think we can say,"Do not buy any toys or just buy American (even though I would love too, but it would be scarce under the Christmas Tree.) "I am scared it is going to take the death of children , followed by huge law suits to wake up the toy companies. It makes me mad they only care if it affects their wallet. Do they not have kids, do they not care about them. They probably say that the testing would cost money, which would drive up the price of toys. I would rather pay a higher price for safe toys, than a cheaper price for an unsafe toy.
I do not have the answers, but my blog is called the Ramblings Of A Crazy Woman, so I have to ramble every once in a while. Now I will resume to my crafts.


Mary said...

I agree these recalls are frightening and when will companies and consumers take real notice. It is tough and not real practical to go cold turkey on not buying anything from China- beleive me I've tried and it is time consuming and my children beg me for the fun stuff. Each person though can be a more conscious consumer- pay attention to where things are made and try to reduce purchases from countries and companies that aren't supporting your vision for your life. And maybe this is a good way to start reducing buying so much, do we really need all this stuff anyway. Sorry I'm rambling- I love the title of your blog.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my is really just getting awful. Scary awful.

I have been trying to just think of buying less in general. As we all know, kids really can have fun with just about anything.

I am trying to do the less is more thing around here...and I am hoping things fix themselves soon. yeah...I too, dont' know what to do about it. ugh....

honey said...

What's really scary is that it has been on the market for quite some time. I signed up to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
( website and they send information on recalls to my email. I know it doesn't help much if you've already had the product for awhile, but at least it keeps you updated on new recalls.

Beth said...

Sing it, sister!! The whole toy crisis has me scared but do I keep on buying 'em? Of course, I do! With birthdays and Christmas, what's a mom to do? \

I guess we could head over to your house and make our own toys. That could be a whole new blog for you!

O said...

I'm totally with you on the toy danger thing--but many of the Aqua Dots actually come from Australia! To their credit, they discovered the problem first too.
Ramble on, and I heart your crafts. I have one very crafty and one uncrafty fun to find things both can/will do!