Monday, November 26, 2007

Santa's Magic Key

Works For Me Wednesday

If you are like me, my kids are always coming up with questions about Santa. One is "How is Santa going to get in because we do not have a real chimney?" I did answer that question with he is magic or I will leave the door unlocked. But with the recent break in we have had in our area, I did not think it was good to tell them I would leave the door unlocked. Especially since I have told them not to even answer the door. So I found a cute solution and another excuse to do a craft. Santa's Magic Key.
You can make a key or use an old one and attach this saying:

Santa's Magic Key

If you don't have a chimney
For Santa to come down
Leave this magic key outside
And for your gifts will still be found.

I used an old key to attach the saying to or you can make a key out of cardboard.

For you that have little kids that are not questioning Santa, trust me it will come. Being prepared is the best way to handle those questions.


Beth said...

What a great idea!! I like the new festive header!

WorksForMom said...


Did you think of this yourself? Seriously friend, you need to sell these on E-Bay for tons-o-money.

I asked that question to my parents when I was a kid ALL THE TIME (we had no chimney)!!

I love it! And cool new banner too.

Corey~living and loving said...

This is a great idea! :) I'm going to share it with my mommy board. We have a chiminey but I know so many don't. :)

Marie said...

Since you've decorated your blog, you should sign up with Deck the Blogs to win some prizes!

Alexandra said...

This is really sweet. You have some great ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jenn said...

I am going to tell my friends who do not have a chiminey about this one!

Family O'Foxes said...

cute idea!