Monday, November 5, 2007

The Thanksgiving Hand Wreath

This is a craft I used to do a lot at Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you change the colors, you can fit it to any holiday.
This is does take some preparation on your part, if the children are small. But once you cut out the hands and wreath, the rest is up to the child.

You will need construction paper, scissors, cardboard(optional),paper plate, glue, and markers. I use pipe stem cleaner and a whole punch to make a hanger


1. I like to make a template of the child's hand by tracing it on a piece of cardboard.If you just want use the construction paper that is fine too.

2. Trace template on construction paper and cut out hands.

3. Cut the center out of the paper plate.

4. Punch hole in center of the plate and make a loop with pipe stem cleaner.
5. Glue hands on.
6. Write Happy Thanksgiving on strips of paper and glue on.

And if the kids do not like the wreaths they can wear them as hats.


Corey~living and loving said...

Great idea! :) cute cute cute! I just might do that with my sugar this weekend. :) thanks!

Naomi said...

Great pics! I used to do this with my friend's kids. We had them write things they were thankful for on their construction paper hands before we glued them to the plate.

Anonymous said...

This is darling. What a beautiful blog or website (sorry, I'm so "out of it" that I don't know what to call it!!)

I'm going to adapt it for our Brownie troop and have the girls each write their names on the hands and call it a brownie friendship wreath.

Anonymous said...

Thats a really good one. I like that idea.