Saturday, November 24, 2007

Painted Hand Print Pictures and Poem

I got this idea from The Family Fun Magazine. I think it will make a great Christmas card. We used finger prints for the mouth, nose, cheeks and the fluff on Santa's hat. The Santa hat is construction paper.
Here is a Poem that goes with the Santa:

Look very closely and you will see
that Santa's beard was made by me!
Hang this Santa on your wall
to remember when my hands were small.

The Hand Print and Foot Print Angel

We painted a foot for the body. Painted a hand for the wing. Painted just a palm of the hand for the head. We used finger prints for the hair and cheeks. The halo is made with glitter glue. I used wiggley eye but you could also use finger prints.
I use acrylic paint. It dries fast and washes off their hands easily. To paint their hands and feet I use a sponge brush .
This is a lot of fun for the kids. They giggle a lot when having their hands and feet painted because it tickles.


Beth said...

These are sooooo cute!

Corey~living and loving said...

Those are fun. I will have to do it. :)
Thanks for being so specific on what materials you used. Very helpful! :)