Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mayflower. Maybe Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria ?

I thought this was a good craft to bring up the Mayflower. We looked on the internet for pictures of the Mayflower, what year it sailed and who sailed it. We also discussed the Pilgrims and the English flag.
It is made with an orange juice carton wrapped with a paper bag (you could also paint it or use construction paper), skewers for masses and construction paper for sails.


Honey+2B's said...

Those are so cute!! You come up with the best ideas! Do you have a room full of craft supplies and storage? I want one...

Crayon Couture said...

♥ these! I have been searching high and low for an easy/educational approach! I couldn't help but share with my readers on Ordinary to Extraordinary!