Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kid Christmas Trees

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. I do not know the rest of the song, but I am ready for Christmas. I even tried to get my husband to buy a Christmas tree today, but he wouldn't. Anyway, I LOVE CHRISTMAS. My house always looks like a craft fair gone bad. But my kids and I always have fun doing it. So today was our 1st Christmas craft.
I traced around a cookie cutter for the Christmas Tree pattern and let the kids decorate with buttons and sequins. I glued a popsicle stick to the back and glued a looped ribbon.
I am excited, this is only the beginning of a many a Christmas crafts.


Pam said...

I am baking Thanksgiving pies like a mad woman, and you are making Christmas crafts? I can't keep up!

Very cute, and I look forward to seeing what else you do for Christmas.

Honey+2B's said...

You're making want to get my Christmas decorations out!