Friday, November 30, 2007

The Toilet Paper Roll Angel

The idea you have all been waiting for:

No craft season is complete without doing something with a toilet paper roll.
Another easy craft: I used white paper, yellow construction paper cut in a heart shape for wings, yarn, wiggly eyes, and pipe cleaner for the halo. I think I should have made the mouth into an oval shape to make it look like she was singing. Maybe next toilet paper roll angel.

My next post is my 100 th post. So look out, you will get to learn a whole lot of interesting fact about me. Lucky you. tee hee !


WorksForMom said...

OH STOP IT! Where ON EARTH do you come on up with all these fantastic craft ideas? This one tops them all! Oh so cute.

Looking forward to that 100th post! :)

Beth said...

So cute and goodness knows I have hundreds of toilet paper rolls laying around. We could make a whole choir of angels!

Jennifer said...

did you used to teach school or something? I can't keep up! Once I decide to make something, you have 10 other crafts made!!

GiftGuru said...

cute angel! ditto no your creativity - keep it coming :)

Anonymous said...
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