Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Personalized Angels

This may not be the most craftiest thing I have ever done, but it does have a picture of my daughter on it, so I have to love it.
I know a lot of people have little trees just for their children, so why not make them their personal angel topper. This would also make a good place setter at the table.( I do not know the official name, by now you should know I am not formal ). I modified it from another project I saw that I thought was cute, but I did not have any of the supplies. So I came up with this.
I took a piece of foam and cut it into a rectangle (card stock would work too). Then I coned it by folding the corners together and stapling it. You may have to trim the bottom to even it out, to make it set level. I made some wing and hot glued them to the back. Next, I glued Caity's picture on with hot glue. And the halo is made from a pipe stem cleaner, hot glued also. I then took some glitter glue and decorated. Can other people do better? For sure, but I still like it.

The idea came from giftgur:

I must have been in a weird mood yesterday because I also did this:Rudolf made from a brown glove stuffed with Wal-mart bags. My husband laughed at me. So you can laugh too.


Beth said...

You are making me laugh today! These are cute but a little odd. I think you need some Dip Club therapy!

Pam said...

If it wasn't 1:47 am, and I was afraid of waking everyone, I'd be laughing out loud at that last one! You are a character, and I love you!